Miotta, formerly Mivatek, will be showcasing its turnkey Smart Home/Care, Smart Business, and Smart Community/HOA PaaS and SaaS for global service providers, and builders at the NAHB International Builders Show in Las Vegas, February 19-21.

The company’s multi-site, video-verified, and territorial autonomous Smart Buildings mobile-cloud SaaS integrate Smart Home, Smart Care, Smart Business, Smart Community & Smart Homeowners Association (HOA) management software in one Super-app, with desktop portals to serve worldwide service providers, home builders and HOA’s.

A turnkey B2B2C interactive offering, Miotta’s patented in-a-box, plug-n-play Video-IoT systems substantially cuts installation headaches and operating expenses. A Super-app manages multi-sites’ IoT devices to collaborate with tier-groups of authorized mobile-users, HOA’s, call-center operators, and local emergency contacts. This generates multifaceted, video-verified collaborative protections and comprehensive Smart Connect services.

The Miotta interactive alarm present a significant opportunity for builder and HOA to increase ARPU, provide data security, expandability, sharing, e-commerce, and customer relevancy, especially for worldwide service providers, alarm dealers, and system integrators.

For builders, these capabilities are especially relevant because:

  • More consumers are demanding Smart Homes, and builders can offer them as a competitive advantage.
  • The concept of multi-building, connected solutions paves the way for Smart Communities, even smart retirement communities, where everyone would have access to connected alarm and healthcare.

Joe Liu, CEO of Miotta, says that his company’s offerings are a little different than what attendees normally see at IBS but nonetheless extremely valuable.

“In the middle of all these vendors showing building materials, tools, roofing and flooring, it might seem strange to see a Smart Buildings mobile-cloud solution and service provider displaying their end-to-end connected capabilities,” he said. “But for builders, architects, HOA management, system integrators, and others, these Smart Buildings service can provide revenue streams from offering Smart Home/Care, and Smart HOA/Communities.

“It’s no longer enough for builders to just build and sell homes,” he added. “They have to be in tune with the market, and we provide them with turnkey Smart Home, Smart Security/Care, Smart Community, with mobile-user collaboration, and call-center alarm service, all of which can give users a peace-of-mind with significant RMR and huge advantages over competitors.”


Miotta, formerly Mivatek, offers B2B, multi-site, territorial-autonomous smart buildings PaaS & SaaS. These services help integrate Home, Business, Community & HOA management in one Super-app for global ISPs, cellular companies, telco service providers, builders, SI, and alarm dealers’ turnkey B2C, Video-IoT, Smart-Buildings offerings. Miotta’s patented in-a-box, plug-n-play smart systems substantially cuts carriers’ installation headaches & OpEx. The command center Portal and integrated Super-app manage multi-sites’ Video-IoT devices, interacting with owner-authorized mobile-users, and call-center operators respectfully. This results in multi-building, video-verified interactive alarm RMR service to increase ARPU, interoperability, data security, awareness, expandability, sharing, e-commerce, and ultimate relevancy. For more information, visit www.miotta.com.