About Miotta

Miotta provides virtual collaborative video-IoT alarm and control network software and autonomous system/SDKs, enabling worldwide mobile, internet, communications, alarm service providers and enterprises to offer virtual smart home/business RMR service and premises data management.
Miotta has numerous competitive advantages:
  • We are a one-stop-shop
  • Software-Defined Collaborative Virtual Alarm SaaS
  • Open PaaS, H/W & Agent SDK to Partners
  • Multi-Sites’ Autonomous Video-IoT System (DIY)
  • Auto-setup, -add-on, -aggregate, & -provision
  • Integrated Smart Home, Business, & Community Service
  • Low CapEx, Zero-Pairing-DIY, & Low OpEx
  • CMS Call-Center Integrated
  • Dealers/Service Providers’ Management Portals