About Miotta

Miotta stands for “Mobile IoT Territorial Autonomy”.
We offer a globally-managed mobile-cloud Video-IoT PaaS and SaaS to serve brand owners and service providers. Our 30+ smart devices covering Interactive and Collaborative Video-Verified Security, Safety, Surveillance, Care/Aging-in-Place, Energy, and Automation in one “Super-App” for collaborative Smart Home, Business, HOA/Community protection, control, and peace of mind service.
Miotta PaaS & SaaS has numerous competitive advantages:
  • We are a one-stop-shop
  • Our system offers Video-IoT system auto-setup, auto-aggregation, and auto-provision
  • The system provides data awareness
  • The system is completely interoperable
  • We offer brand relevancy, ultra-low OpEx, and more.