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We offer customized services and accompanying devices to cover a lifespan, from baby to elderly.

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Zero-pairing Plug-n-Play

Setup the system in minutes without professional installation help

Amazing Feature

Don’t wait for a “professional” installer who’ll doubtlessly be four hours late. There’s no need for complicated and expensive tools. Scan a QR code with your phone and effortlessly add new devices to your system.

27 Smart Devices & Ecosystem

Comprehensive coverage for whatever concerns you have

Amazing Feature

A array of comprehensive solutions via 27 smart devices for home security, home environment safety, senior care and more. With open API and IFTTT integration, we can create an expandable and interoperable ecosystem.

Cost Performance Leader

Protect your property and loved ones for less than professional systems

Amazing Feature

Professional systems are expensive but are no more effective than DIY. Spend half the money up-front and get the same high quality protection. Professional systems can also cost up to three times more per month, spend less over your system’s lifetime.

Secured Video

Secured local storage and bank level encrypted data streams to the cloud

Amazing Feature

Protection for your personal videos and digital data with an extra layer of defense from your MivaLife system. Encryption protocols as stringent as banking servers to stay safe from hacking.

Sensor-Video-Smartphone Integration

Instant alerts right yo your smartphone whenever mayhem strikes

Amazing Feature

Be alerted immediately via your smartphone when something happens to your home or business. Don’t wait 20 minutes for a stranger from a call center to finally reach you. Respond instantly and let the police know quickly that a problem needs their attention.

Multi-faceted Management

Multiple functions for multiple locations accessed by multiple user tiers

Amazing Feature

Consolidate all your required functions for all your locations and pass out varying levels of access to multiple users based on their user tier. Whatever custom setup you require, we have you covered.

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