Joe’s Story

CEO of Mivatek

Joe Liu is the Chairman and CEO of Mivatek, offering a leading Autonomous Video-IoT Platform partnering with global brand owners and service providers.

At Mivatek, 30+ distributed IoT devices and IP-cameras have been autonomously paired at activation via a patented autonomous cloud and a Super-app for a Super customer UX. Our solution cover Security, Safety, Video, Health-care/Aging-in-place, Energy, and Automation RMR services, data awareness for ads/e-commerce, 12+ Eco-partners’ device control, and ultimately brand Relevancy.

Why Mivatek? Mivatek’s advantages include platform simplicity, video performance, comprehensiveness, expandability, interoperability, and ultra-low OpEx, Smartphone-# based users, locations, devices and functions’ integration for Multi-Locations, collaborative and hierarchical controlled Smart Home, Business, Enterprise, Franchise, HOA, Community Protection, Automation & Concierge Services, Video-Verified collaborative alarm/alerts, store/share/in-app calling for guaranteed emergency protection, and more.

We partner our Platform Cloud-app, Agent, Device, Insights modules, and private-label Zero-Pairing, Battery-Powered Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Cellular-IoT, and NB-IoT systems. Contact us today!