Multi-Location, Multi-Tier, Multi-User, Multi-Function

Miotta offers in-a-box professionally monitored video-IoT systems, collaborative alarm cloud & RMR service.
Miotta offers a in-a-box professionally monitored video-IoT systems, alarm, cloud & RMR service.
Mobile Cloud
Provision Free, Auto-Aggregate, and Collaboratively-Managed
The patented Smart mobile cloud auto-configures devices and manages tier-group users in one or multiple locations.  You can customize the appearance of the app to fit your specific brand guidelines.
The provision free system is video-verified with collaborative protection in Security, Safety, Care, Energy, and Automation Control. Our software development kit (SDK) makes it easy to add all your devices to a single app. The Miotta System provides an installer-less & boundary-free framework.
Agent – Premise Data Awareness
Miotta provides a virtualize & OTA support to simplify installation for multiple products with zero-pairing and provision free in-a-box Video-IoT systems.
Gain knowledge by unlocking insights from connected devices. Collected data can be analyzed or connected to external data sources for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves.