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Mivatek’s Mobile interactive video-alarm as a service, VaaS Platform for Enterprise Partners


MivaTek’s Web 3.0 Mobile Interactive Video-Alarm as a Service, VaaS Platform for comprehensive Home Security, Safety, Video, and Home Health content and service in one single app for global enterprise partners.




Driven by data security, inter-operability, expandability and manageability, MivaTek’s powerful VaaS mobile cloud seamlessly interacts with smart MIvaShuttle and embedded smart IoT devices; sensors, IPCAM videos, Smartphones, and storages for connected mobile video alarm, awareness, assurance, control, storage, share, communications, and more lifestyle conveniences including mobile interactive controls while viewing video, event video recording, cloud video storage, archive, analytics and more value-add solutions and services. 

MivaTek’s turn-key VaaS service cloud and 27+ smart device ecosystems can easily be deployed into existing corporate IT infrastructures.

Mobile Interactive Video Alarm, Awareness and Assurance Service Platform

MivaTek’s Web 3.0 software defined Video-Alarm platform securely connects and configures multiple IoT sensors, IP-Cams, Smartphones, local and cloud storage to form an intelligent, interactive, and multifaceted, connected transport and switch network. The data and control signals that switch through communication channels are securely guarded by AES-256 bank-level encryption from end-to-end. The MivaShuttle system architecture securely protects video and device data from random web-hacking and intrusion. 

Video-alarm platform data storage and database management capability is ideal managing high volume interactive IoT devices’ data for big data analytics. 

A software module manages device authentication and authorization during the initial user activation and later-on device add-on process. Plug-Activate-N-Play™ auto-configures network devices without pairing allows MivaTek in-a-box system self-installing in minutes. The patented zero-pairing set-up process offers superior user experience and reduces return rate.

Multiple software and firmware schemes are used to support complex multi-tier, user, solution, location, and alert applications using one single app.

Mobile Cloud based Mission Critical Video-Alarm as a Service Market Leader 

MivaTek’s mission critical mobile cloud and devices platform can easily be deployed to an existing IT environment without complex IT requirements and overhead. 

We offer open API to other channel partners, vice versa, thus, the future user addition of automation and energy monitoring devices can be connected via cloud API and IFTTT.

This turn-key Web 3.0, multifaceted, hierarchical controlled, group mobile interactive video alarm and assurance service platform offers affordable price and awesome user experience over those less-integrated IoT device makers’ offerings and legacy call-center services.