The name “Miva” is derived from “Mobile Interactive Video Assurance”, which describes the modern network-based video-centric home security, safety and personal emergency response systems we have developed. We offer services including Security, Safety, Video, Care, Automation, and Energy.
Our mission is to provide you a comprehensive smart home and business assurance solution and service that is affordable and easy to use.
We integrate advanced connected mobile-cloud with Internet of Things technology to change the way people protect their loved ones, homes and the things they value the most.
No matter where you go, you are always worrying about your kids. We keep you informed and connected to the loved ones you value most. You may not be there all day long but we are and we can give you the peace of mind that comes from seeing they are doing well.

MivaTek ensures you a healthy lifestyle. Live confidently and enjoy your independent lifestyle while staying connected to the most important people in your life. Enjoy a variety of monitoring solutions with alerts and tracking for living smarter.

Your life can be busy so we make it simple to manage your home from anywhere in the world. No matter whether you are at the office or on a business trip, you are in charge of your house and capable of making a response to the changing conditions at your home.

Upgrade your home today with MivaTek’s most comprehensive solutions. Always stayed informed and protected while enjoying the peaceful home environment we have created for you. Your home can be smarter and more secure, the control is in your hands.

Smart security can be affordable without compromising its effectiveness. We’ve made it possible for you to stay connected to your home from your smartphone – anywhere and anytime. If you end up moving, take MivaTek with you to your new home.

Know your business is doing well even when you are not around. Your small business needs your attention and MivaTek helps you keep an eye on it wherever you go. Check in on your business remotely and control the system from your smartphone.


MivaTek provides you the most comprehensive & affordable assurance service

And it has an awesome app for 8 on-demand services, 27 smart devices, and much more!